Protecting the future, one room at a time!

We are happy to showcase our collaboration with Atelier Whø, designer of eco-friendly light fixtures available in every one of our 310 freshly refurbished hotel rooms!  

Made of second-hand bedsprings and old light bulbs, what a perfect demonstration of sustainability and design going hand in hand! 

Through this video clip we would like to share with you the production steps and the ecological motives that inspired the artist.

Let’s reduce our environmental impact by using creativity! – This is what we chose to do at Holiday Inn Brussels Airport! 

  • Here comes the sun: We’ve invested in 500m2 of solar panels, producing 77 megawatts in 2020: a whopping 5% of our total annual energy use.
  • Getting our hands dirty: We’ve put a comprehensive waste management system in place, in line with IHG’s rigorous Green Engage level 1 standard. Every staff member is fully trained in recycling, from plastics, metals and drinks cartons to food waste.
  • Green Key certification:
  • Light it up: We’ve replaced all of our old lighting at Holiday Inn Brussels Airport with LED fittings, producing more illumination with less heat at a lower cost - a treble win!
  • Keeping track: We’ve also installed a cutting-edge Building Management System. It allows us to check and control all of the hotel’s electrical equipment remotely, cutting our energy use as well as our running costs.
  • BREEAM certification: BREEAM - the world’s leading sustainability measure for buildings - recognises and rewards enterprises which meet its stringent environmental impact measures. However, it also prioritises the wellbeing of staff and, in our case, guests. We were thrilled to be awarded BREEAM certification in XXXXXX.

IHG Green EngageTM

IHG Green EngageTM

IHG Green Engage™ is our online sustainability tool that helps us minimise our hotels impact on the local environment. The system tracks energy, waste, water and carbon and provides over 200 green solutions to do this.
IHG Green Engage™ is our way of ensuring that our surroundings are preserved for everyone to enjoy.